Crack Damage


I do not need to tell you that it’s not a good sign. Cracks are serious issues that must be attended to and not ignored , and definitely not covered over, or filled in with some cheap silicone mastic either.

How would you know if they are just surface cracks or if the building needs re-rendering, after all render doesn’t last for ever! Of course it depends on the extent of the damage and how much you care about keeping your   property in good condition without having to spend a lot of money. In many cases you do not have to be a builder to see if a crack is good or bad, however, sometimes what looks like a small and very thin scar up the wall, could be hiding poor brickwork beneath, for example.

If you are particularly keen on keeping the property in order, just finding one small crack, should not really be cause for alarm of course, however if you find lots of cracks, especially in one place, perhaps it is time to get them fixed?

The walls of your home are terribly important and must be kept in good condition as if not, further, more expensive problems will eventually surface, leaving you to foot the bill and to wonder why you did not get the problems attended to in the first place.

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